GA4 Offline Conversions

📣 Exciting Integrations Announcement! 🚀

Introducing Two Cutting-Edge Integrations with Google Analytics 4!

We are thrilled to unveil two game-changing integrations that will revolutionize your consumer storytelling experience, delivering unparalleled analytics capabilities. With these groundbreaking server-side integrations, you can now effortlessly send offline and online data directly to Google Analytics, unlocking insights.

Google Marketing: GA4: Measurement Protocol Event Export:

Elevate your data game by seamlessly funneling event data to Google Analytics from Lytics event streams. This seamless pipeline empowers you to effortlessly transfer any event data to GA, enabling you to capture every meaningful interaction.

Google Marketing: GA4: Measurement Protocol Audience Export:

Unleash the power of real-time server-side integration and propel your marketing efforts forward by transmitting user audiences to GA. With this groundbreaking solution, you can effortlessly synchronize and optimize your audience segments, ensuring your messaging reaches the right people at the right time.

With these two cutting-edge integrations, we're empowering businesses to supercharge their analytics capabilities, helping you confidently make data-driven decisions. Say goodbye to siloed data and embrace a new era of consumer storytelling.