Advanced Web Personalization

The Lytics web personalization SDK, Pathfora, has long provided a low entry barrier to improving real-time consumer experiences. Historically, to get the absolute most out of Pathfora, customers often needed to leverage "custom overrides," which provided a means to bypass interface limitations to unlock the complete set of Pathfora features.

TikTok ID Support Improvement

📣 TikTok Update🚀


We are excited to release Vault for all Lytics customers officially. We'd also like to thank everyone who provided critical feedback during our early access preview period. This feedback was instrumental in getting to our full release.

Customizable Dashboard

We are excited to announce an all-new, customizable account dashboard. All users will now be greeted with key metrics related to their account growth, an overview of how data flows through your most active audiences, insights into content, and more.


Google Ads Offline Conversion Tracking

📣 Exciting News: Introducing our New Google Ads Integration Features! 🚀

Audience Groups

Introducing Audience Groups - Organize and Manage Audiences Effectively!

Lytics and OneTrust

Lytics and OneTrust offer businesses a comprehensive solution for supporting consumer consent and GDPR compliance. By integrating Lytics' customer data platform with OneTrust's privacy management solutions, organizations can centralize consent management, personalize experiences based on customer preferences, and streamline compliance with GDPR regulations. This collaboration empowers businesses to build trust, ensure transparency, and deliver exceptional personalized experiences while adhering to privacy regulations. Read about the solution here!


Lytics now supports profile enrichment via Ansira. This integration empowers customers to enhance Lytics user profiles by incorporating additional identifiers and activity data. By seamlessly connecting Ansira's extensive data resources with the Lytics user profiling capabilities, customers gain a comprehensive understanding of their users' preferences, behaviors, and interactions. This enables more personalized and targeted marketing strategies, fostering deeper customer engagement and driving better business outcomes.

Data Flow Reports

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Data Flow reporting component. With Data Flows, you can easily visualize how data moves through your connected Providers, Data Streams, Audiences, and Destinations. This deeper understanding allows you to easily uncover bottlenecks and areas of opportunity all the while being certain, without a shadow of a doubt, your marketing pipeline is flowing as expected. Check out our full product documentation to build your first Data Flow report.

GA4 Offline Conversions

📣 Exciting Integrations Announcement! 🚀