Streams Autocomplete in Mapping Wizard

When you create or edit Mappings the Stream field will show a dropdown of all the streams coming into your account and the list will narrow as you begin to type the stream name.

Revert to Schema

In addition to being able to discard unpublished Schema changes, the UI now supports the ability to revert the schema back to a previous version. Learn more in the Schema Versions documentation.

Personally Identifiable Information Checkbox for Fields

When creating new or editing existing fields you know have the option to identify what fields in your schema are to be considered personally identifiable information.

Custom integrations now listed under Lytics

Previously when configuring jobs for importing or exporting CSV or JSON files or for setting up Lytics platform alerts the provider you would select was Custom Integration. The provider is now Lytics File Service for importing CSV or JSON files or Lytics Monitoring for setting up Lytics platform alerts.


Field Classification

We've introduced a feature to help you categorize fields and improve tracking against the C360 Readiness Index. When creating or editing a field, you can manually assign one of seven categories through the API or Field Wizard. These category tags are visible in the profile view and will play a crucial role in our future enhancements for better Readiness Index visibility within the Lytics UI.


Advanced Web Personalization

The Lytics web personalization SDK, Pathfora, has long provided a low entry barrier to improving real-time consumer experiences. Historically, to get the absolute most out of Pathfora, customers often needed to leverage "custom overrides," which provided a means to bypass interface limitations to unlock the complete set of Pathfora features.

Identity Explorer Enhancements

We've implemented several enhancements to simplify the consumption of profile-level insights. Within the "Profile Fields" section, field classifications are now surfaced, aiding in the understanding and filtering similar attributes. The introduction of the "Behavior" tab offers a visual representation of the nine out-of-the-box behavioral scores. In the "Content Affinity" section, you can now visually explore product and content affinity scores. Lastly, the "Activity" section provides a clear view of a user's activity over time, helping to pinpoint the most effective engagement opportunities for that particular user.

TikTok ID Support Improvement

📣 TikTok Update🚀


We are excited to release Vault for all Lytics customers officially. We'd also like to thank everyone who provided critical feedback during our early access preview period. This feedback was instrumental in getting to our full release.

Customizable Dashboard

We are excited to announce an all-new, customizable account dashboard. All users will now be greeted with key metrics related to their account growth, an overview of how data flows through your most active audiences, insights into content, and more.