Interface Release: Audience Details, Seg History (3/19/24)

We've released a set of updates to the Lytics UI. Here is an overview of what has changed and where improvements have been made:

What's Changed

  • We've added a new feature to simplify your exploration of audience definitions directly from the audience list. Now, you'll notice a new arrow icon next to each audience item. Clicking this arrow will reveal additional details, including the raw query definition and a more human-readable version of your segment definition.

  • The profile explorer within Conductor now offers insights into an individual user's audience (segment) history. This enhancement allows users to gain a clearer understanding of when a user joined and left specific audiences.

  • We've enhanced clarity for configuration fields like source and destination, especially when expecting a suffix, such as configuring a subdomain. This improvement aims to provide clear instructions to prevent any potential issues during configuration.