Interface Release: Streams, Mappings, Bug Fixes (3/5/24)

We've released a set of updates to the Lytics UI. Here is an overview of what has changed and where improvements have been made:

What's Changed

  • Fixed a bug that was triggering an alert asking to save changes when attempting to save a new authorization, as well as a bug triggering the save dialog after you have already saved a field configuration in Conductor.

  • Added a total event count to the stream metrics view. This will now show a subtotal of the events within the selected range as

  • We've added the ability to create a new mapping directly from records on the stream page.

  • Fixed a bug preventing keep days and other optional fields from configuring certain types of Conductor fields, specifically maps and sets.

  • Improved the UI to prevent the deletion attempt for fields managed via Cloud Connect. This would previously result in an error, and the action should have been prevented entirely.

  • Improved the experience when creating a new report. Now users will land on the newly created report direclty instead of the full list view to begin adding components.