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How do I identify my email subscribers on link clickthrough?

Lytics is capable of pulling query string parameters out of urls and this can be used to identify your email subscribers on your website when they click through an email link. Each email tool may have a different way of supporting custom values in an email template. As an example, lets look at Mailchimp:

Mailchimp has the concept of a merge tag in their email templates. You can use the |UNIQID| merge tag to insert the user's unique Mailchimp ID into the output of your email template. Simply include this value as a query param value in the URL you are linking to in the email. If the destination page has the Lytics Javascript tag on it, we will automatically collect this query param, and it can be mapped in such a way that it is recognized as a unique identifier.

If you need assistance setting this up for your email tool, reach out to their support team for details on how to set up the dynamic link. Then contact Lytics Support for further assistance with mapping and testing.