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What are custom integrations?

Custom integrations help you get data in and out of Lytics when a direct integration is not available.

Audiences in Lytics can be exported as a CSV file via email, or dropped onto an SFTP server of your choosing. CSV files are readily consumed by many service providers allowing for a quick, manual transfer of data.

Data from web services without a direct integration can be imported into Lytics through custom integrations. Most services provide a CSV or JSON data file export, which Lytics can consume as a custom data stream. Once a data file is exported from your service provider, it can be uploaded to an SFTP server where it will be picked up and read in as a new data source. The integration can be configured to run on a continual basis, so if data files are placed into the SFTP hourly or daily basis, the files will be processed as they come in. See our Custom Integration documentation for more detailed information.