Accelerate value with LiveRamp & Lytics

We are thrilled to unveil two seamless integrations that will take our customer’s marketing efforts to the next level! As part of our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients, Lytics has partnered with LiveRamp, a leader in consumer data collection, to bring you an exceptional range of data enrichment and matching capabilities. With decades of experience and some of the world’s biggest brands under its belt, LiveRamp provides a wealth of data that customers can now easily leverage to drive enhanced campaign performance.

Consent Management

Data governance is critical, and the Lytics CDP can enhance your strategy in various ways. We've recently released additional documentation to guide you in the consent conversation. In the documents, we'll break down the key components of any good consent strategy to ensure the resolution is one that won't break down over time.

Alerting Documentation

We've recently released new guides that outline five specific methods for leveraging alerting within Lytics to support your existing workflows and business goals:

Google Drive: Google Sheets Import

We now support Google Sheets as a data source. Google Sheets provides a low-effort method for getting small data sets into Lytics. We also already offer Google Sheets as a Destination from Lytics.

LLM Powered SQL Suggest (Preview)

Our new Cloud Connect SQL generator, powered by AI, allows you to generate SQL queries using natural language input. Just describe your audience; our tool will translate it into valid SQL. For example, type in: “Develop an audience of those who have purchased $50 or more in beauty products in the past month,” and we'll generate the query based on your available data. recent blog) and press release.

Private Reports

Lytics now fully supports private reports. When configuring a report, you can now choose to share exclusively with certain individuals or the broader organization. For more details, check out our product docs.

Audience Overlap Reporting Enhancement

Big news! You can now access a new component showcasing the overlap between audiences. Simply select two or more audiences to compare, and we'll generate a comprehensive Venn diagram of audience membership overlap. What's more, you can now create audiences quickly by clicking any of the component visuals.

Amazon Ads Audience Export

We have improved Amazon Ads integration by adding phone numbers, addresses, first names, and last names as ID options. This improvement will open up the potential for enhanced match rates!! The more IDs and ID types on the profile, the more information Amazon will have to match with consumers in their systems. We are super excited to add these capabilities to this integration.

Lytics Conductor

Lytics Conductor is a powerful customer data infrastructure (CDI) solution that helps organizations gain more control over their data, connectivity and schema, identity resolution, and profile materialization. Lytics Conductor is included with your subscription to Lytics CDP and is now accessible from the UI. Plus, we now offer several Conductor-focused services packages for further assistance. Review our 6 Steps for enabling Conductor, which takes you through lessons in Lytics Academy. And take a tour, view documentation, or view our website.

Cross-product Navigation

We’ve updated our product navigation bar and made it easier to move between Lytics products efficiently. To access, click on the top left corner of the in-app navigation bar (above the Dashboard tab), and select your product of choice.