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How do you A/B Test within Lytics Audiences?

A/B testing within Lytics Audiences can be used to understand how Lytics Audiences are performing. Using a random generator generator, Lytics assigns 2 random numbers to each user profile calls splits. These fields are named Random Split 1 and Random Split 2.

To use these fields, log in to Lytics and navigate to the Audience -> Create New Audience, then search for Random Split 1 or Random Split 2 within Custom Rule. These fields evenly assign a value from 0-99. To create an audience of 1% of the population, select a number (47 in the example below) and use the equals operator.

A/B Split1

To create random groups smaller than 1% of the population, you can leverage both of the split fields. In the example below, we create an audience of roughly 0.5% of the total user base by defining Split 1 = 47 and Split 2 < 50.

A/B Split2

*Note that this field is approximate and won't necessarily be perfectly distributed.