Lookalike Model Dashboard

The Lookalike Model dashboard provides visibility of the health, status, and usage of your Lookalike Models. It lists all models in your account allowing you to search, sort, and view the summary, configuration, and diagnostics information of individual models. The dashboard is also your starting point to create new Lookalike Models.

Model health

The model health chart displays the total number of models and how many are considered to be healthy or unhealthy. A model is considered healthy if it can make accurate predictions.


Model status

The model status displays how many of your models have been activated. An activated model is currently generating a score for that model on user profiles, meaning its predictions will be available as user fields for audience targeting. A model can be activated or deactivated on the model summary page.


Model usage

The model usage metric shows the percentage of all your audiences that are using activated models. The percentage of audiences using models highlights the granularity and focus of your audiences. Audiences using healthy Lookalike Models have more focused targeting and personalization allowing for messages tailored to the predicted members.


Model table

The model table lists all the models in your account. You can use the search bar to find any model by its name. You can also sort by name, status, if the model is active or healthy, and when the models were last modified. Click any model to open its summary for more detailed information about that model.