Reach the Right People Using Lytics

Isolated, channel-centric events, like website clicks or email opens, don’t provide a comprehensive view of your customers or their intentions. Using this kind of event data to drive the audience lists for your marketing ad campaigns can lead to your ad dollars being spent inefficiently by either targeting too many people with a generic message or targeting individuals who are unlikely to convert.

Lytics helps you improve your ROI by advertising to the right people based on the content they are interested in and how they behave across your communication channels.

Let Lytics Build Your Audiences

Using the Lytics JavaScript Tag, Lytics will catalog your website content in real-time and group individuals based on their interest levels for particular topics or products. Additionally, using behavioral algorithms, the platform will analyze and score your customers by their overall engagement level across your communication channels, for example 'highly engaged'.

Content affinity audience
Audiences list

As your audiences change over time, use Lytics as a centralized hub for automatically syncing them with your connected advertising tools such as, Facebook Ads, AdRoll, Google Ads, or DoubleClick for Publishers, for an up-to-date view of your target customers.

Refine Your Target Audience

The Lytics Query Language (LQL) allows you to refine your target audience and remove customers with certain profile attributes or behaviors, enabling further efficiencies in your ad spend.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Examples of how Lytics audiences can help with your most common targeted advertising.