Our Clearbit integration provides rich, real-time people & company enrichment of Lytics segments.


  1. First, Log into Clearbit, go to API, find your secret API Key, then copy it.

Clearbit API Keys

  1. Back on Lytics, click on Clearbit in the Jobs section of Lytics.

  2. Navigate to Authorizations and select Add new authorization.

  3. Then paste your API key in the form with a description.

Enriching Users

User fieldsemail
Provider fieldsmore than 100 data points

Using email addresses, Lytics will consume Clearbit data to provide more information about audience members. To get an example of the enrichment data returned by Clearbit, visit https://clearbit.com/enrichment.

Configuring enrichment of an audience

To start enriching your audience select the audience you would like to enrich. Some audiences might have set of emails addresses, so it's important to define which of their fields contains single email address.


  • Audience: The Lytics audience with the users to enrich.
  • Email Field: Field name with email data. In almost all cases the default email field is already selected.
  • Enrich Existing Users: Select Enrich Existing Users to enrich users who are already members of the audience. By default users will only be enriched as they enter the audience.

In the Advanced Options section:

  • Max Calls per Month: Defines how many API calls this integration should use.

Click Start Import to start. If Enrich Existing Users is chosen, enrichment of those users will happen immediately. As new users are added to an audience, new enrichments will be triggered until the max calls limit is reached or the enrichment workflow is canceled.