Campaign Reporting

Web Personalization Campaign Reporting

Personalization campaign report

The campaign report is the control center for a published campaign. Here, you can find out how the campaign
is doing, find out what kind of campaign it is, edit the campaign, pause the campaign, or duplicate the campaign.

When you publish a campaign, Lytics begins reporting on conversations and reach, and tracks the conversion
rate of a campaign over time. If you have create a two variations of your widget, the conversions and reach
will be tracked separately for each variation. Conversions are defined a little differently for each campaign type.

Here are the definitions for each campaign type:

  • Content Promotion: User clicks through to the promoted content.
  • CTA: User clicks on the CTA.
  • Lead Gen: User submits lead gen form.
  • Present a message: No conversion.

In addition to real time reporting data, the campaign report includes information about the type of campaign
being run, the appearance of the widget, the event history, and recently converted users.