SFTP Export

Connect Omeda and Lytics to personalize the onsite experience and drive anonymous visitors to become known, increase event registrations and deliver truly relevant content to the right visitors at the right time. Lytics combines Omeda subscriber data (including user audience membership) with online behavior data to deliver 1:1 experiences to each visitor.

To export audiences to Omeda follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Lytics account.
  2. Click Data > Integrations and select Omeda from the integrations list.
  3. Select Omeda SFTP Export.
  4. In the Audience dropdown, select the audience of users you would like to export.
  5. In Omeda User ID Field, enter the Lytics field that corresponds to Omeda’s user ID field.
  6. Click > Show Advanced Options to reveal additional settings.
    • Keep Updated: If checked the export will reoccur daily
    • Time of Day: Set the time the export begins each day
    • Timezone: Set the timezone of the export

omeda configuration

  1. Click Start Export.

Log in to Omeda and your file should appear under sftp://sftp.omeda.com/"DATE AND TIME EXPORTED".csv