Personalization API

Configuration options for the Lytics personalization API and related features.

The following configuration options are available within the account settings Lytics API section.

Allow Public Personalization API?

Check the box to allow the user profile of anonymous users to be exposed to users for personalization. It will only include allowed fields.

Allow Event Collection from Bots

Enable event collection for visitors who have been identified as bots. Bot identification is based on a set of match attributes evaluated against the user-agent header.

Collect entire user agent string?

Should the full user-agent be collected as part of all web events?

Allowlist domains public API

A list of domains to allow the Personalization API to be called from. If blank, all domains will be allowed.

Allowlist fields for public API

List of fields to allow for surface via the Personalization API.

Entity Timeout (ms)

Max time entity-public API waits before cutting off and returning what it has.