Grow Your Email Marketing List

Email newsletters are a valuable tool to share content, product features, or announcements with your customers. Readers of these daily or weekly newsletters are often the most engaged and valuable customers your brand has. A Lytics personalize collect lead campaign can assist in growing your email list by targeting valuable audiences made up of users likely to engage.

Create an Audience of High Activity Users

Effective campaigns begin with an effective audience. The goal here is to collect email addresses of visitors to your site that are not already signed for your email list. The following audience combines multiple rules to target users with a quantity score of at least one whose email is not known. Users with a quantity score less than 1 have little to no activity on your site and are not great candidates for engagement with an email mailing list. You also don't want to present a message to users who already receiving your newsletter. You are not limited to this criteria. You can target any audience who you think would be valuable to engage with via email.


Create Collect Lead Campaign

Once you have an audience of users you would like to target use it when building your collect lead campaign. The key step is where, when, and how often you want your message displayed to your users. You may only want to solict email addresses from a particular section of your site and only display the message after the user has spend at certain amount of time on your site.


Export Leads to Email Service Provider

Once your new campaign collects email addresses you can use your campaign to build a new audience. A user who enters an email address will be considered converted, these users can be exported to to your ESP and added to your email list. The specific export instructions for your ESP will vary, see our Integrations section for instructions.