Monitoring Job Status

Job Status Monitoring via Webhooks

Job status events can be observed by creating a webhook subscription that POSTs data (or JSON) to a specific URL. These updates, like email alerting and reporting, can be consumed downstream for your monitoring use cases. Some common examples include listening for audience exports created/updated/deleted or being notified whenever a batch import or export for a given integration fails.

These events have three attributes used for filtering:

  • Subject Type: what the event is about, such as work, workflow, user, campaign. See the list of subject types below.
  • Subject ID: identifier of a subject, such as work ID, workflow ID, campaign ID, etc.
  • Verb: action described by the event performed on a subject. See the list of available verbs below.
synccompleteFor the completion of one synchronization cycle. Emitted when a work cycle finishes successfully. Shown at the end when there are multiple cycles per scheduled sync or when there is a sleep cycle.Real-time
updateFor when work configuration is modified. It may occur multiple times per work.Real-time, batch
createdFor when works are created. This only occurs only once per work.Real-time, batch
deletedFor when a work is deleted.Real-time, batch
syncedFor the completion of one sync unit (multiple units may happen per sleep cycle).Real-time
completedFor the final successful completion of a work. This occurs once per work.Batch
startedFor the first time, work is started. This occurs once per work.Real-time, batch
failedFor the final failure of a work. This occurs once per work unless work is bounced.Real-time, batch
syncingFor the start of a series of sync cycles for a work.Real-time

Subject Types

  • account
  • auth
  • campaign
  • data
  • entity
  • experience
  • journey
  • program
  • provider
  • query
  • report
  • rollup
  • schema
  • schematable
  • scoring
  • segment
  • segmentcollection
  • segmentml
  • stream
  • subscription
  • topic-document
  • user
  • variation
  • work
  • workflow