Platform Limits

Platform Limits

The following limits exist to ensure the optimum performance of the Lytics platform and your connected sites, data sources, and applications. The tables contain default limits for all accounts unless stated otherwise. If you have questions, please get in touch with your Lytics Account Manager.


An event is any action or activity a user performs, any update to a profile, or any export out of the subscription services.

Max input size4 KBByte size of a single input record.
Max size in batch16 KBByte size of a single input record within a batch.
Max size total batch1 GBByte size of all records within a batch.
Max event ingress rateQuota based on pricingEvents collected per hour.
Max output size1 MBByte size of a single output record, also known as a trigger event.
Max trigger event egress rateQuota based on pricingEvents triggered per hour.

User Profiles

A User Profile is the living record of an individual that interacts with your brand. Lytics user profiles provide a view of your customers across your connected channels.

  • Known profiles have at least one known identifier such as an email or CRM ID.
  • Anonymous profiles have only anonymous identifiers such as a cookie ID.
Max size of a user profile1 MBByte size of a single user profile.
Max size of a profile identifier256 bytesUnique identifiers are used to merge data fragments together into a single user profile. Read more about Profile Stitching Best Practices.
Max number of user attribute values on a profile1,000Values include individual items in complex field types such as maps and sets. E.g. if a user has 100 values for the field URLs_visted, only 900 values remain for the total count.
Max aggregate size of all user profilesQuota based on pricingTotal size of all user profiles.
Max number of custom mapped fieldsQuota based on pricingCustom mapping of fields through Queries & LQL.
Max stitched Identifiers50“Stitched” identifiers can be used to look up a user such as email or user ID.


Max number of audiences500Total audiences per account.
Max number of conditions (custom rules) per audience1,000This limit includes parent and nested conditions.
Max audience re-evaluation rateQuota based on pricingMax number of profiles Lytics will reevaluate per hour for all time-based audiences.
Max length of audience name displayed64 charactersThis limit is for displaying audience names in the Lytics UI.

Browsers and Cookies

The following limits apply to client-side integrations, which are implemented in browser-facing code through the Lytics JavaScript tag and typically a third-party tag as well.

Max number of audiences stored as a cookie5 MBBrowsers limit the max size of the sum of all cookies. This limit only applies to Lytics JavaScript Tag version 2, as version 3 uses local storage instead of a cookie.
Max cookie size per domain4,096 bytesThis limit includes both Lytics-generated cookie names and the values of all other domain-specific cookies.
Maximum size of collect payload sent via URL2,000 bytesTry to keep payload sizes small enough to fit in a URL using GIF transport. If the GIF limit is exceeded, the payload will be sent via iframe transport, which can result in poor performance.


The following limits apply to server-side integrations, which allow Lytics to communicate directly with third-party services, usually in the form of a workflow.

Max number of active import integrations100Import integrations ingest data such as user profiles, activity data, and subscription status from third-party tools into Lytics.
Max number of active export integrations (“subscriptions”)200Export integrations send user profile data from Lytics to a third-party tool, usually at the audience level. Raw event data or metrics can also be exported for monitoring.
Max integrations creations per hour10This limit applies to all server-side integrations, including imports, exports, and any other workflow, such as enrichment integrations.
Max lifetime of completed jobs90 daysThis limit applies to all jobs in a completed status, and defines how long Lytics will retain the jobs information after completion.
Max lifetime of paused / failed jobs90 daysThis limit applies to all jobs in a paused or failed status, and defines how long Lytics will retain jobs in this state before considering them purgeable.


The Lytics Content Affinity Engine uses data science and Natural Language Processing to analyze content, extract topics, and calculate user-level topic affinities.

Max number of URLs enriched20,000 URLs per month--
Max number of topics displayed500This limit is for how many topics are shown on the user profile.
Max number of topics per user50Lytics retains affinities for up to 50 topics per user, representing the content they are most likely to interact with.

Custom Modeling

Lytics enables you to build custom Lookalike Models as a proprietary service that uses your first-party data to evaluate audiences and conversion rates.

Lookalike Model count20This limit applies to activated Lookalike Models.
Max model audience size20M users per audienceThis limit applies to the source or target segment used in a Lookalike Model model.