Lytics Zero Copy with Cloud Connect


As the landscape of data strategies within the Customer Data Platform (CDP) area progresses, cloud warehouses have emerged as a core element of the overarching marketing technology (martech) strategy. Centralizing customer data in a single repository enables enhanced, comprehensive customer insights while reducing exposure and failure points throughout the data pipeline.

Nonetheless, this centralization poses the challenge of effectively leveraging this wealth of data across the martech stack for maximum value with minimal risk of additional data exposure and duplication.

How it Works

Lytics has developed the Cloud Connect product to address this, which serves as a materialized layer atop the cloud warehouse and facilitates direct segmentation and activation.

This model allows customers to employ either SQL or AI to craft consumer audiences, which can subsequently be activated downstream.

Importantly, this method does not involve long-term data storage within Lytics but instead generates a transient profile context that disappears once the Cloud Connect model is deleted.

Advantages of This Approach

This strategy leverages the Zero Copy approach, utilizing Lytics' identification and data science capabilities. Hence, it transcends the limitations of data stored in the customer warehouse. Cloud Connect audiences can be enriched with Lytics' behavioral scores, profile affinities, content recommendations, and predictive models alongside Lytics' top-tier identity solution. Consequently, Lytics' customers can implement a dynamic, maintenance-light activation strategy over time.