Prebuilt Audiences

Learn about Lytics' Prebuilt Audiences and how to use them

Out of the box, Lytics provides a set of prebuilt behavioral Audiences powered by data science and machine learning.

These prebuild audiences are designed to provide a high-level behavioral breakdown of your users. The prebuilt audiences can also be used as building blocks for your custom Audiences to incorporate behavioral characteristics. The following list details each of the Lytics prebuild Audiences.

  • All: All users in your account
  • Lytics New: Users who are new to your audience within the last week.
  • Lytics Currently Engaged: Users who are currently engaging with your brand.
  • Lytics Disengaged: Users who show minimal or no activity for a prolonged period of time.
  • Lytics Highly Engaged: Users who engage most frequently and consistently across your users.
  • Lytics Previously Engaged: Users who are currently disengaged with your brand, but had been previously.

To learn more about Lytics' prebuild audiences and for more detailed information about each prebuilt audience, please refer to the documentation in the Behavioral Audiences section.