Drive Mobile App Downloads With Lytics

A common marketing use case to improve mobile engagement is to create journeys that drive downloads of your brand's native mobile applications. Lytics offers a powerful capability to build audiences of anyone who has previously browsed your sites using a mobile device since the Lytics JavaScript tag was placed. This audience can be a useful target in Google and Facebook, as well as other ad platforms, for driving mobile app installations.

Building the audience

From the Lytics dashboard, select Audience and then Create New Audience. Using a Custom Rule, build an audience of users with Has Accessed Mobile Web as t (true).

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 12.39.34 PM

This audience will include anyone who has reached your site from a mobile device.

Note: You do not need any identifying information for this audience. Be sure to select the Enable API Access checkbox. This lets Lytics target anonymous users who have visited from a mobile device.

Targeting the audience

Now you can build campaigns in your chosen marketing platforms to effectively target this audience of mobile web users. You can connect this audience to Google AdWords, or if you are using Facebook, follow these steps to target with Facebook ads. Upon completion, your advertising team or agency can build these mobile engagement campaigns in Google Ads or Facebook.