Learn about how you can use Lytics' Content Engine to boost your marketing initiatives


The Lytics Content Engine helps to reinforce one of the most important relationships in digital marketing -- that between your customers and the content and products with which they engage. When a user views an article on your website, or purchases one of your products, what can we infer about a user's preferences based on that activity?

Lytics Content Engine allows you to enrich each customer's activity with a broader meaning and define inferences for different types of activity. When we tie a user's behavior to a set of broader implications, we garner a much deeper understanding of each user. In Lytics, the enriched understanding of each user is actionable out of the box. You can build audiences based on this information, drive recommendations tailored to each user, and use this enriched information as valuable inputs into our Lookalike Model builder.

To learn more about the Lytics Content Engine, please refer to the following documents, which discuss each of the following subjects in more detail.


Topics & Affinities: Learn about Topics and Affinities, and how you can use them to enhance your customer profiles.

Classification: Discover how Lytics gathers, classifies, and processes your Content.

Enrichment: Learn how you can manually add Content to Lytics, and how you can customize the Classification process to improve your Topics and Content Taxonomy.

Recommendations: Discover how you can use Lytics to power Content Recommendations on your website and emails through our powerful Content Recommendation APIs.

Content Collections: Use Content Collections to subset your Content and optimize your Content Recommendations.