Configuration options for account security and authentication.

The following configuration options are available within the account settings Security section.

Logon session days

The number of days a user session should be valid before forcing a re-authentication.

Logon session timeout minutes

The number of minutes between activities that should elapse before forcing a re-authentication.

Enforce password complexity

Ensure all users leverage passwords with a high level of complexity.

Enforce password history

Prevent the re-use of a previous password for each user.

Enforce password bad count

Lock the user's account if there are too many concurrent failed password/login attempts.

Password max age

The maximum age in days that a password can be before it must be changed. A value of 0 disables the max-age restriction and will allow a password to persist for the life of the account.

Enforce two-factor auth.

Ensure all account users leverage two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication is a technique that helps to make your account more secure. It does this by adding a second step to your login process.

Single-factor authentication uses your email address and password to authenticate your Lytics session.

The second factor comes from the Authy app using an Authy SoftToken, a secret token that changes every 20 seconds. Entering a correct token provides an extra level of verification.

What is an Authy SoftToken

An Authy SoftToken is a secret token that is broadcast to the Authy app every 20 seconds. This unique token serves as a second factor by which Lytics can authenticate your session. Authy is available to download for free as a desktop and mobile app: Download Authy.

Using Two-Factor Authentication

The only difference between two-factor authentication and single-factor authentication is an extra step during login. After providing your password, you will then be asked for your Authy SoftToken.

Using Two-Factor Authentication also requires every user to provide their phone number. Logging in with two-factor authentication for the first time will walk a user through this workflow.