AI & Modeling Controls

Configuration options for the Data Science and AI related features.

The following configuration options are available within the account settings Data Science section.

EntQL Fields

List of fields to evaluate via EntQL in the merger, before indexing the entity

Enable Decisioning Triggers

When enabled, any Experiences configured to leverage decisioning will be automatically triggered.

Streams to Allow for Scoring

Add any custom streams that contain behavioral signals that should contribute to the overall set of scores.

Enable Decisioning Scores

Each profile will be enriched with a score representing their overall need for a message (needs_message) and the timestamp for the next predicted event in each stream (next_event). The needs message is a numeric score representing the distance to or past the predicted event. A higher score signals that the activity is overdue.

Turn On Priority Only for Decisioning

Automated Experience decisions will only leverage manual priority rather than full AI capabilities when enabled.