Usage Metrics

Account Usage Metrics

The Account Usage section shows how many inbound and outbound events Lytics has received for your account. If your account has an inbound event quota, you will find a meter displaying how much of your inbound event quota you have used for each quota period.

In the Lytics UI, select Vault from the product switcher. Or, if you are already in Vault, select Usage from the main menu.

This view offers a quick way to gauge the quantity of data Lytics has received from your various Sources. Of course, if you would like to explore details for incoming data further you can view more granular details of all connected Sources from the Conductor interface.

Inbound Events

An inbound event is a record of activity collected or uploaded to Lytics from a customer data source, such as a record of user web activity, email opening, or an update to a subscriber record. The inbound events graph shows your total inbound events, which can be displayed daily, weekly, or monthly.

The inbound quota meter displays the number of events recorded in the quota period, your quota limit, and the meter to gauge your usage versus your quota limit quickly. For monthly term accounts, quota periods begin on the first of each month and end on the last day of the month. For annual term accounts, quota periods begin at the start of your Lytics subscription. Quotas (unless otherwise stated in your contract) only count for production accounts.

Monitoring the Inbound Event Quota

Automated alerts for Inbound Event Quotas can be configured to sent to Microsoft Teams, Slack, or directly to an email address.

Outbound Events

An outbound event is any record of data exported from Lytics, whether manually or automatically. The outbound events graph shows your total outbound events, which can be displayed daily, weekly, or monthly.