1. Account Setup

To ensure that content classification, affinities, and real-time user profiles function as expected, we'll walk you through a few easy steps to ensure your account is configured correctly. You'll need to navigate to Vault for all of the steps within this section.

Access Lytics Vault

  1. Select Vault using the product switcher at the top left.

Update Account Details

  1. Use the left-hand navigation to select Settings > Account Details

  2. Ensure the Account Name used is accurate and descriptive.

  3. Verify that the Domain reflects your primary web address. Note: Your domain should include the relevant subdomain (www, etc.) and exclude the protocol (http or https).

  4. Ensure Allow access via API is checked.

  5. Press Save to confirm the updates.


The Allow access via API setting ensues that the current visitor's profile is surfaced and accessible via JavaScript on your website. If unchecked, the Personalization API will prevent access and no profile will be made available.

Update Content Settings

  1. Use the left-hand navigation to select Settings > Content

  2. Scroll down to Content domains allowlist

  3. Update the Content domains allowlist to include all domains and subdomains where the tag will be installed. Note: Be sure to update the domains allowlist, not the paths allowlist.

  4. Press Save to confirm the updates.


For the content classification and affinity service to run properly, you must ensure all target domains have been listed. This prevents content from an unintended domain from ever being classified and associated with your profiles.

What’s Next