What is Conductor?

Lytics Conductor collects and transforms first-party data to create rich customer profiles. Built on top of a flexible and powerful identity graph, customer profiles built with Conductor enjoy:

  • Resilience. Profiles are built with your business in mind, and Conductor's identity resolution ensures the integrity of profiles amidst inevitable anomalies.
  • Flexibility: Map new profile fields and update identity resolution to align with emerging needs and strategies.
  • Security: Conductor profiles live at the cutting edge of security and compliance protocols.
  • Portability. When combined with other Lytics' CDP suite tools, Conductor profiles can be activated across hundreds of ad platforms, email service providers, data warehouses, enrichment providers, commerce platforms, and much more.

Conductor's data-stitching, pipeline-automating, and profile-building toolkit give marketing technologists and data engineers a rich user interface and set of powerful APIs to maintain control of each aspect of your data pipeline.

Set up a Lytics account to get started on your path to building rich profiles, activating data, and more.

Getting Started

Lytics Conductor is available and should be enabled for all customers. If you do not see the "Conductor" option in the product switcher at the top left of your dashboard, please reach out, and our support team will get access appropriately configured.

If you are new to Conductor, we've outlined a step-by-step guide for publishing your first schema version to get you started.